Victoria Security


Business Security

Business Security

Motion Sensor

Upon seeing any movement, the detector is activated, a danger signal is sent both to us and to you (in the smartphone application). Upon receiving the alarm, the operational team will arrive at the location.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras become your facility Monitoring. You can view your cameras from anywhere with the smartphone app. A monitoring team monitors the cameras 24/7.

Security Alarm

As soon as a stranger enters, the alarm siren will start sounding loudly. In many cases, a loud voice is enough to scare a stranger and run away.

Security Guards

Our professional officers will protect your facility 24/7.

Entrance Control

Control access to your facility with a card scanner, fingerprint scanner, and facial recognition system.

Panic Button

When you notice a danger, you will use the alarm button. We will receive the signal and immediately come to the location.

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